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Tuesday, May 24, 2011

ALISON Free Online Courses

If you are interested in taking free online courses in English about different subjects, ALISON might be your site. Click on the logo to access their main page. You have to sign up and it is absolutely free.

For students of English as a Foreign Language the following might be interesting, but there are also several courses in English about other subjects:

If you were wondering about how they can offer free courses, this is what they explain in their site:

ALISON provides high-quality, interactive, certified and standards-based learning free to the individual learner. ALISON can offer free learning because:

Advertising is displayed throughout the website. When a learner clicks on an advertisement, ALISON earns revenue. That revenue is then shared with content publishers and used to invest in new 'free to the learner' offerings. Click here to review our advertising policy.

Nominal fees are charged for the use of ALISON Manager, the service which allows for the creation and monitoring of learner groups.

Much of our available learning is sponsored by partner organisations who wish to see learning on a particular subject freely available. Other content is provided by owners and developers of learning content who provide it at no charge and are seeking no monetary return. Others publishers earn a split on the revenue we generate through the display of their content.

Recent developments in learning, education, and internet technology make the ALISON free-learning service possible. Such a service is a very powerful new force for change in global education.